White dobby Dress Shirt


White dobby Dress Shirt

At Hockerty you can personalize every detail of your shirt , or you can just buy it as you see it here:


Color: White
Fabric: 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester
Season: Year round

Fabric Details

This Tailored white Shirt is made of Cotton Blend , a fabric you can wear all year long, but really stands out during the warmer days. It's fresh, durable and perfect for your man_shirt



60% Cotton & 40% Polyester

117gr/m2, Year round, White

Plain, Transparent

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About White dobby Dress Shirt

A White Shirt would be the perfect Shirt for everybody, but since we believe in made-to-measure we give you the possibility to adjust the Shirt to your likings.

When the fabric and color are the right match for you, you can start adjusting the details, like Pockets, Buttons, Lapels and many more. This White Shirt will be truly unique and a great asset to your wardrobe.

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